Leaving an Imprint

We work with mid-size to larger organizations and executives from VP’s and above.
Here is what some of them say about cooperating with NORDIC UPSIDE.

Karl Peter is a “Jack of all Trades”.
His wide experience in many different fields
qualifies him as a very good business collaborator and professional sparring partner.

Claus Ulrik Madsen
Programme Director, large multi year SAP
re-implementation programme at Danish Railways
(the FRØ-programme at DSB)

Business Cases

“In connection with a turn-around in 2016, we at Sopra Steria realized that we needed professional help brushing up on our contact with potential clients.

NORDIC UPSIDE designed a process that translated into a survey; SMART VALUE SELLING. This helped non sales-minded consultants to focus on the value propositions at key decision makers.”

“NORDIC UPSIDE gave us the tools to open more doors.”

Claus Klein-Ipsen, CEO, DK

“I have used the expertise of NORDIC UPSIDE since 2009. First in Schneider Electric, when we were building a new global partner channel for our DCIM business, but also when going through radical transformation to digital. Then at Trifork, where I was spearheading building up a new business services venture.

In Schneider Electric Karl Peter helped building up a new global partner driven sales channel. Also he helped testing key parts of our new digital business model for DCIM. The outcome of this cooperation was very successful, driven mainly by his many competences being his great knowledge of Value Selling and go-to-market for software and software in general.”

Søren Brogaard Jensen, CCO

Example Assignments

Leading full services supplier and high-quality custom-built applications and end-to-end solutions, striving to establish a new professional services division.

Part of the company's strategic plans, was to find new ways to differentiate the company from the rising competition for its traditional services and SW offerings. As a key part in this initiative, it was decided to establish a new consulting services division. The aim was to define services that would enable them to address clients key business issues, as a driver to becoming a more strategic business partner.

NORDIC UPSIDE assisted the CTO and his management team in setting a realistic ambition for the initiative, define a first cut of the new services portfolio based on the Lean Start-up methodology and a co-creation initiative with core clients, supported by a strong go-to-market plan.

Duration of the assignment: 2 months

Locations: Denmark and Sweden

Market leading Enterprise SW and Professional Services provider within Financial Asset Management, seeking to "shape up" global professional services to support overall company growth ambitions.

This technology cutting edge vendor of Enterprise SW for Financial Asset Management, with a very demanding global clientele, had seen above market growth for its SW business area, with a continuous high demand for it's SW solutions. As a key part of the overall growth strategy for the company, however, the professional services part of the business needed to realign its approach and services portfolio, with the other parts of the business, to take up the challenge of fulfilling current high demand for implementation and operational services. A key part herein was to work with qualified and certified partners within both technical and business transformation disciplines as defined in the overall solution specific business transformation roadmap.

NORDIC UPSIDE assisted the executive management in realizing key parts of the global partner strategy, by defining and implementing the partner programme in - at first - select market units - to kick-start working with strategic partners, as a part of larger global roll-out of the partner strategy to all market units.

Duration of the assignment: 2 months

Locations: Denmark and France

Leading national (DK) Retailer seeking resolution to a business critical yet troublesome partnership with a professional managed services provider.

A large leading danish retail chain was seeking a way to get a troublesome partnership with a large outsourcing partner back on track, and regain control. Impacts of misaligned processes, resources and systems, had started out a few years back with high hopes and good intentions, yet had never been thorough implemented and impact on the business for the retailer was getting critical. NORDIC UPSIDE assisted the Executive VP and a small internal team of direct reports for the retailer within the affected business area in, thoroughly, assessing the situation and pointing out areas of key improvements, laying the foundation to open and renegotiate the contract.

Duration of the assignment: 13 months

Location: Denmark

Large SAP enabled Business Transformation Programme.

Large national transportation client looking to implement a new company-wide business model, through deployment of a new and visionary model for financial compliance, internal controls, and operational excellence across multiple business areas. NORDIC UPSIDE assisted the client as overall Programme Manager and Executive Support, overarching the multiple projects in the programme, forming the base of initiatives to secure a smooth and efficient implementation of the new business model. The programme entails business case driven design of both new processes, roles and responsibilities, and is enabled by the implementation of the new SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud platform, as one of the first clients in the nordic hemisphere, adapting this new cloud technology offer for the full SAP ERP package.

Duration of the assignment: 13 months

Location: Denmark

Leadership Mentoring Programme.

A leading global US headquartered international client in financial news, looking to introduce a new model for higher performance in the global pre sales/client specialists part of the business. As part of the programme, NORDIC UPSIDE carried out a mentoring program for selected leaders in the pan european business unit of the organization, to support the development of their leadership approach and skills through introduction of new and compelling ways of thinking and working. The programme was carried out through a number of 1:1 sessions, with the adoption of practical tools and methodologies, supporting each of the leaders in a sustainable and personalized development plan, supporting both corporate and personal objectives.

Duration of the assignment: 6 months

Locations: Denmark, Germany, UK and Luxembourg

DCIM Enterprise Software Channel Strategy and Implementation Roadmap.

Global Energy Management Enterprise client, headquartered in Paris and Boston, seeking to establish a global sales and service channel for it’s enterprise software platform for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). 

NORDIC UPSIDE assisted the client’s Executive Management and Steering Group in establishing growth strategy and supported implementation of the strategy, entailing partner model, roll-out roadmap, organizational build up and recruiting of channel partners (VAR’s and implementation partners).

Duration of the assignment: 12 months

Locations: Denmark, US, Germany, UK, NL, BE, FR

Data Center Managed Services - Global joint-venture.

Global Energy Management Enterprise client, headquartered in Paris and Boston, seeking to establish a global joint venture with a successful high-end client for the provision of life cycle managed services to their global greenfield Data Center program. NORDIC UPSIDE assisted the executive management of the professional services business to outline a concept and framework of compelling standardized professional services to be deployed in partnership with the client throughout the 5 year realization of their global green field high-end Data Center strategy.

Duration of the assignment: 3 months

Locations: Singapore and Denmark

IoT (connected products) - Digital professional service business case and go-to market.

Global Energy Management Enterprise client, headquartered in Paris and Boston, seeking to establish the business case for a new IoT driven operational model for their global professional services business. NORDIC UPSIDE assisted the Executive Management team in shaping the business case for changing their professional services model from traditional time and event based services model to a subscription based revenue model based on smart data collection  and mobile alarming for connected products.

Duration of the assignment: 3 months

Location: International

ERP Package Selection.

US (Silicon Valley/San Jose) based client providing Video on-demand solutions for home entertainment, seeking to replace it’s enterprise platform to support dramatic growth previsions. We assisted the client in requirements gathering and analysis, assessing new enterprise platform options and delivering client side executive management and project management support.

Duration of the assignment: 6 months

Location: California, US

IT Strategy.

Global Manufacturer of Diesel Engines and Turbo Chargers for large carrier vessels and power plants, seeking to develop a new IT strategy to support unification of technology and a roadmap for implementation. We assisted the client in developing a new IT strategy for technology harmonization across selected major business/functional areas, and supported executive management during implementation incl. organizational change management to ensure continuous buy-in and alignment.

Duration of the assignment: 6 months

Location: Denmark and Germany

SAP / MES integration Strategy + MES selection.

US (Foster City) headquartered biotech client, seeking to align Manufacturing Execution System processes across four production lines and subsequent select one common MES platform across all production lines. We assisted in designing uniform processes for all four production lines, selecting one common MES platform and determining the best possible integration strategy for master and detailed scheduling between the overall enterprise platform (SAP) and the new MES platform.

Duration of the assignment: 4 months

Location: California, US

Finance, HR and Procurement Transformation + ERP selection.

US (New York) headquartered global new agency seeking replacement of it’s outdated enterprise software platform. We assisted the client in developing business case, redesigned business processes and supportive roles, redesigned organization, designed a new data model, assessing new enterprise platform options and delivering client side executive management and project management support during the implementation.

Duration of the assignment: 14 months

Location: New York, US

Business Turn Around, SW VAR and Professional Services Company - Smart Value Selling.

Danish subsidiary of a multinational Paris headquartered SW VAR and Professional Services company, was seeking ways to turn around their business performance for the Danish branch. The business had eroded the last 5 year yielding unsatisfactory results and the newly appointed DK CEO was looking for ways to turn around business performance over a 12 month period. NORDIC UPSIDE assisted the CEO with general advisory on how to create an effective program for realizing the initiatives necessary to turn the business in the right direction, but also implementing the Smart Value Selling concept for fast adoption of new clients.

Efforts was made in both in creating a leaner and more competent sales and value adding delivery organization yet creating a new platform for increasing sales and securing client retention.

Duration of the assignment: 8 months

Location: Denmark

Market leading Enterprise SW and Professional Services provider within Financial Asset Management, seeking to grow revenue from new ways of engaging with existing clients - Smart Value Selling.

One important initiative to grow professional services revenue, was to grow share of wallet of existing clients. A more value driven approach towards clients decision makers was needed, as current sales efforts too often got stuck at levels with no or too little buyer authority. Also client conversations were too centered around product functions and features rather that essential client value that potentially could be explored. A pilot project on Smart Value Selling were carried out across Nordics (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) and DACH (Germany, Switzerland and Austria), enabling the respective go-to-market teams to re-engage with key existing clients across the two regions, opening up both stuck leads and opportunities but also new opportunities, rooted in specific services within their Operational Services and Consulting services business areas.

Duration of the assignment: 6 months

Location: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Major global SAP Implementation and Managed Services provider - Smart Value Selling.

Supporting growth ambitions in Nordics, this leading global SAP implementation and Managed Services provider, was seeking to acquire new clients in Sweden. The other Nordic countries were already deriving successful clients and projects, yet the Swedish market was still far to unexplored. Numerous previous efforts were not delivering desired results, whereas it was decided to run a Smart Value Selling project to accelerate client adoption. Though the Swedish market already were populated with competent competitors, appetite for this large market for SAP services were driving the need to take a differentiating approach to acquiring new clients. The camping delivered a 22% hit rate on the select raw list of clients invited to participate in the business performance benchmark survey, with follow-up meetings, that the Smart Value Selling is based upon.  

Duration of the assignment: 2 months

Location: Sweden  

Regional Value Adding Reseller (VAR) - SW and Professional Services company for SAP clients.

The company had been developing a number of successful VAR applications and products for mainly SAP clients in the northern European marketplace. As a key part to capture and qualify more clients faster, Smart Value Selling was used to sharpen the value proposition and engage with ideal decision makers relevant for the chosen solution. The Smart Value Selling approach enabled the company to, fast, enter into discussions on business value that potentially could be derived from deploying the their solution, rather than pushing for functions and features, that for a long time had  proven to be unsuccessful. The result was both re-engagement on old opportunities at clients were the conversation were stuck at a too low decision maker level, but also new opportunities at new clients that previously had not responded to the traditional sales approaches. The company could now focus on a pipeline of new and not least, realistic opportunities, that were moving much faster towards a sale, than previous experience had shown.

Duration of the assignment: 3 months

Location: Denmark