Our Professional Profiles

We are internationally educated, accredited and certified in our practices. We use the Energy Leadership Methodology developed by iPEC USA, “Smart Value Selling” and “Value Discovery Assessment”, combined with well-proven leadership methodologies, coaching and consulting practices and methodologies to deliver tangible results for our estimated clients.


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Certified Professional Executive Management Coach and Facilitator


Professional Coaching is a unique technique with proven tangible and valuable aspects.

With my help you can get powerful, measurable results that last. Core Energy Coaching focus on the core principles of firm personal values and the multi dimensional aspects of change, acknowledging that change is not always controllable, however our interpretation and impressions of it and reactions to it, are.

I have experience from working with international companies and individuals across a wide range of disciplines, and working with help my clients not only manage the change, but also thrive in the face of multiple changes.

Having lived and worked in various regions of the world, I acquired my Professional Energy Leadership Certification from IPEC in California in 2008, and is a member of International Coaching Federation (ICF), working with the highest international standards in professional coaching practices.

Prior to NORDIC UPSIDE, I have worked for both Zürich and TRYG Forsikring (Private/Industrial Insurance).

I have a M.Sc in Psychology and have obtained various certifications in Insurance Management practices.

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International Business Leader and Executive Management Consultant


With experience from working and living in Australia, Spain and USA, I’m supporting the transformation of Enterprise SW and Professional Services companies and its leaders and talents into successful high-performers.

This is build on long lasting high performance and experience in business development and technology enabled change, from “both-sides-of-the-table”.

I invented both the Smart Value Selling*) and Value Discovery Assessment methodologies, that help companies drive value out of their working with both new business development adventures but also exploring new tangible value with existing clients.

Prior to NORDIC UPSIDE, I have worked for F.L.Smidth (engineering), Siemens, SAP, IBM, PA Consulting and Applicon.

I have a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, an EBA in Engineering Business Administration, am certified in SAP (logistics and ASAP) and hold various certifications in Business Leadership. I’m a certified Professional Facilitator and NLP Practitioner.

*) (In 2018 Smart Value Selling was successfully acquired by Accelerizer Solutions, with Nordic Upside a “Gold Level” partner).