The 4 Cornerstones of our Service

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Transformation to a Digital Business

Want to transform to digital..?

Going digital is much more than introducing new technology and concepts. It requires orchestration of both hard and soft elements of business remodeling, where all need to come together to be successful.

• Rather than just defining an end state, we help introduce a “constant movement” to stay ahead of the curve.

• We assist Executive Management in “out-come based” digital transformation initiatives, across people, processes and technology, so nothing and no-one is left behind .

• Establishing a compelling case for change through exploring the benefits of new available technology and concepts, leveraged with competencies and capabilities.

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Account Based Demand Generation

Having a growth agenda..?

Put growing and transforming your business on formula, with Smart Value Selling for Account Based Demand Generation that scales instantly and infinitely.

Smart Value Selling is a solution for scalable Account Based Demand Generation, build on a firm and proven 6 step methodology and true cloud enabled business solution.

• Streamline the build of relevant and compelling “out-side-in” driven value propositions followed by an effective client or prospect engagement on automated yet customized content for each individual dialogue.

• Smart Value Selling is a very effective solution to support business growth, that can be implemented and scaled across the enterprise.

Nordic Upside is “Gold Level” certified implementation and reseller partner of the
“Smart Value Selling” solution for Account Based Demand Generation by Accelerizer Solutions.

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Independent Business Advisory

Need an independent view..?

Independent, client-side advisory to executive decision makers in environments of multiple stakeholders, disruptive technology and challenging business environments.

• Program and project reviews and risk analysis on technology centric business transformations, to ensure control and transparency using our proven conceptualized “12-points” review framework.

• Professional advisory to executive decision makers on strategizing for, steering and managing through complex business transformations, involving radical internal and external changes.

• Driving team and individual high-performance, through professional coaching and support using the acknowledged “Energy Leadership” methodology.

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Value Discovery Assessment

Want to help your client explore more value..?

Value Discovery Assessment is a firm and compact methodology to help you, help your client, to explore more tangible value out of their solutions.

• Through a series of condensed and highly interactive workshops, surveys and interviews, it can help you help your client close the value gab between your current clients business priorities, and the state of their current solution.

• It uses the principles of “Design Thinking” to capture the priorities of the business, and matches it with the latest (bottom-up) options in your solutions, to create a high level “Strategic Business Blueprint”. 

• The Strategic Business Blueprint will be a roadmap of prioritized recommendations to changes/projects/governance for the client to initiate, to ensure an improved alignment of their solution’s ability to support the business.